Agilent Series GCMS/MS & GC-FID

Gas Chromatography – Mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) is a highly sensitive technique for detection and quantification of organic molecules. The system is finding application in pharmaceuticals, foods and environmental analysis.

Our laboratory is equipped with a Agilent GC-MS/MS. We have an Agilent G3440B series GCMSMS which provides unparalleled sensitivity for the detection of toxins and pesticides residues.

The GC-MS/MS system is equipped with GC-FID detector for analysis of Toxics Dioxane, Residual, pesticides and cholesterol in agricultural samples and food samples, such milk, honey, grapes etc.

We use the GCMS-MS system for the following –

  • Pesticide residue analysis in food, Water and environmental samples
  • Identification of unknown volatile and semi-volatile organics in pharmaceutical drug products and substances using GC- MS/MS
  • Chiral analysis of amino-acid composition of protein samples
  • Impurity profiling in pesticides
  • Identification of unknown compounds by library matching in the NIST MS library
  • Method development
  • Method Validation

We routinely carry out the following analysis using GC-FID-

  • Analysis of fatty acid profile in Food Products
  • Analysis of Cholesterol in Food products